The Amazon FBA Apocalypse 2020

Find out why new Amazon FBA beginners are DOOMED in 2020, and why you can still go after it anyway. Comment below, I’d love to hear from you!

In this video, I talk about selling on Amazon FBA for beginners, and why it’s not all it cracks up to be. If you’re trying to make money online in 2020, you have to know the ins and outs of Amazon FBA, because it is a lot harder now. With that said, I still see a ton of potential in Amazon as a good online business model to go after.

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You’ll learn why getting your products made in China is not as easy as it sounds, but why alternatives are too expensive to use.

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The Amazon FBA apocalypse what the gurus are hiding from you and how to avoid losing a whole bunch of money we’re starting right now hi my name is Dan Brock from deadbeat com and if you want to earn online income while you snooze consider hitting that subscribe button right now why is this look not level okay so over the last two months I’ve been working on my first Amazon FBA store along with a new affiliate website and I am very excited about both and this is me being excited so what I’ve learned so far about Amazon FBA is not what it’s been pitched to be on YouTube I even fell for that too I was like we gotta get to the promised land the land of unicorns and rainbows I found it’s not that in fact it is the land of death and destruction now that being said I’m still 100% optimistic about Amazon FBA there is a lot of opportunity on there but it is much different than it may seem alright so here are the eleven truths of Amazon FBA what I’ve discovered and we’re gonna work backwards from truth number eleven and that is manufacturing in your own country for me it’s the United States it is very expensive alright it’s almost not going to work the only way you can make this work is if your product is very unique and you have high profit margins with that product otherwise the costs are gonna eat up your profits there by the way to get this box made in the US ten dollars this box is insane it’s beautiful I’d sleep with this box I’d put like 50 boxes on top of me if I had them they’re that good these are expensive so what I found so far is in America let’s say you have a $15 product it’s gonna cost you like 12 bucks to get it made in the United States so it’s just not going to work so that is why a lot of people recommend China and we’re gonna be talking mostly about that here jumping in the truth number 10 and that is the Chinese are not desperate alright the videos make it seem like they’re just like give me money give me money we need money we’re starving there isn’t that’s far from the truth in fact they are more like battle before me noob the reality is they don’t need you at all just think about have you seen all the ads about Amazon FBA recently on Facebook YouTube all the videos all these channels are blowing up what that means is that tens of thousands of hundreds of thousands of noobs every day every month are hitting Alibaba hitting these manufacturers up there like come on give us deals give us deals they’re just like you know what we’re in the power position here if you prove yourself we’ll let you give us money and it’s gonna cost you and this is the scary thing a lot of the times if you look through the listings those manufacturers that you work with will actually be your competition as well see they are so the Chinese are very shrewd negotiators very shrewd business people they know about Amazon they’re not dumb so they’re there they’re making their profits they’re leaving just enough meat on the bone for you there so you can just like feel off table scraps and that leaves me to truth number nine there isn’t much low-hanging fruit left on Amazon years ago just like with affiliate marketing back in like 2002 plenty of low-hanging fruit you’re gonna have to work for it nowadays so the days of finding these a little like hidden micro niches that no one really knows about those are pretty much over and if you do find one there’s you’re certainly gonna find some every here and there after like months of work here it’s just not worth it because what’s gonna happen is as soon as it starts taking off the tools like jungle scout and viral launch are gonna find out those niche markets so even if they do exist just I would say just forget about it focus on creating a good brand this is a topic for another video now question for you aren’t you terrified you should be if you are make sure you comment below let me know your thoughts with your about your experience with Amazon FBA if you plan to do it I haven’t heard from me in a while so because of that I am looking forward to seeing what you have to say and with that said it is now time for truth number 8 and that is that a lot of the early sellers have already obtained listing equity all right what that means is they’ve been on there for a while they have customers built up they have reviews built up their listing is proven itself so Amazon is going to give it higher rankings just because of that so you coming in as a beginner you have to fight against that and the biggest problem you don’t have the scale that they do so I’m going to talk about this in just a minute but basically they can offer their product with higher margins than you will be able to now everyone’s like well dude you can just customize a pro just customize the product it’ll be unique here’s the problem with that it is not as easy as it sounds all right the only way and get things customized for cheap our apparel things like cloth any cloth piece you can but when we’re talking even even simple pieces of plastic like this little camera level which doesn’t really work by the way if I wanted to go to the manufacturer and be like okay I got you I got this yes so you have this level I want to have it extended this far can you do that they’re going back sure we can do that but it’s gonna cost you about three to five thousand dollars to modify the molds see even simple plastic like this it costs money so it ain’t that easy and what that means is there’s going to be a lot of risk now just imagine right like you’ve just found your first product you want to customize it you’re making no money from it yet are you really gonna want to invest three to five thousand dollars in addition to buying about two thousand dollars with a stock not unless you’re on like crack cocaine or something and that leads me right to point number six and that is starting a new business is expensive literally getting the LLC getting all the tools that you need all the registration services it’s gonna cost you about a thousand dollars before we can even consider starting your Amazon business and the thing about that is is a lot of those fees aren’t recurring so you’re probably paying a half of that every year just to keep the business in operation now in addition to that $1,000 you’re also going to need things like custom packaging custom logos all of that costs money alright cost me about 800 bucks just for one logo and one package design now of course I went for the good option I went to 99 designs I’ve got a very nice box and very nice logos better than anything out there worth it to me but if you want to stand out you need that extra oomph to your listing so it’s going to cost you about thousand bucks on top of that so we’re talking two thousand dollars before we’ve even bought your first product and that leads me to point number five and that is there are so many little details you have to learn about Amazon FBA and you can’t leave these up to chance like with affiliate marketing for example you don’t really have to know about SEO when you get started you just start writing content put it on your blog make some videos you can learn along the way Amazon FBA is a lot different every little piece has to be known before you even consider putting money to someone in another country literally like how it was that 5,000 miles away maybe more there can be no room for error and let me give you an example what do you see on the screen right now is what’s known as a product die now you see this little gap between the two sides of the box that in and of itself is a whole process going back between the manufacturer your designer to get the right spacing for the box type that you use and this is the most boring mundane topic ever but this can make or break your a product this is one error let me show you you see this little gap right here I’m Steve employ that little gap between the wall of the box and the top of the lid that needs to be accounted for when you create your box so if you don’t do that see how it slides in nice and easy just go it there BAM it goes in kind of if you don’t have that what’s gonna happen is it’s gonna it’s gonna just keep banging against there it won’t go in so imagine if you’re trying to ship that the boxes if the product is to fit in the box that’s a problem all right now that’s just box dies box printing in and of itself is a…

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