Simple Websites, Even Bigger Profits (Affiliate Marketing 2019 And Beyond)

How Simple Affiliate Websites Can Make Serious Money with Affiliate Marketing in 2019.
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Simple websites equal big profits that’s what we’re talking about in this video vlog my name is Dan Brock the deadbeat super affiliate from deadbeat com and if you want to go from suits and commutes to online income while you snooze and hit that subscribe button and tick that Bell icon or right now okay so on my youtube channel and my emails recently I beginning at several comments about people saying that my websites are just crude looking and there’s no way they work they look like something back in the 1990’s and I agree I agree with that but what I found is that those simple websites after a lot of testing outperform very ornate expensive websites tenfold see it’s not about form right it’s about making money isn’t it and that is the difference between nice-looking and crappy looking you can either make it look good or you can either make it make you money which one do you want so with that said in this video what I’m going to do is to compare some of my websites to some of the bigger more name brand websites like Apple comm and you will see a lot of similarities in the design see it’s all about function so well that said let’s jump right on into it here we go alright so first example on the chopping block here is my new website I’ve been working on deadbeat com so glad I got that domain I feel so good knowing that I own deadbeat com okay so this is a format that I use over and over and over again in fact mostly every website I use typically follows this format and when I compare it to Apple com you will see exactly why so one thing I want to point out is you’ll notice every website I have typically has a very very small header with the logo up top and the links here we extend no longer than I think this 100 pixels or something like that I see a big mistake that people make is that their header will literally take up the entire first frame of the website now the reason why that’s the problem is because it doesn’t suck your user in to your content so the first piece of content is always the first line on your page here so even this is too much content I’m gonna work this down a little bit over time and like any piece of art out there you have to look at every website like a piece of all or sculpture you Honan in overtime and I’m slowly gonna carve that in and make it into something nice but where I’m getting at is boom the first thing for any viewer to read is that first headline right there right at the top no no way you can miss out on this and then we go into the sub headline okay so that’s always like that and then from here I’ve displayed all the deadbeats who are taking part in the deadbeat revolution this is something I’m very proud of so I really want this to go to the top and really it helps I give your site some social proof so work that in and you’ll notice that we have a sub headline and here are the actions that anyone who can take that lands on my on deadbeat comm and that is to either get the website trained or get the YouTube training so this typically breaks the rule that I like to adhere to which is the only have one defined action but with this particular type of website it’s breaking that rule purposely because I understand that some people are interested you think about yourself ik do you would would you rather build a website or would you rather make a youtube video typically it’s two different types of people that I’m speaking to here so I’ve broken that into two different actions to take here so that is the one action the other action is to get any deadbeat that lands on the page here to become a member of the deadbeat revolution which i think is going to be a very important movement in the world I think this is gonna go nuts as far as really taking the world by storm mark my words on that so when you when you go to deadbeat dot-com you’ll notice have a little link here to join the deadbeat revolution Facebook group because I really wanted to turn this into a movement and a community okay so you’ll see very very tightly defined website just on the first page and I will increase this with guides and posts and all that stuff over time now we’re gonna compare this to and you will see some very striking similarities here so here it is and I hope I don’t get in trouble for this so just in case I love Apple products I have an iMac I have an iPhone I have Apple earbuds I have it all they are a great company so we’re we are aplomb do you see any similarities small headline they have their logo now you’ll notice they have no words there that is because Apple has such a very recognizable brand image that Arlo that there is no need to put Apple next to there but you’ll notice they’ve done that tacked up for a tactical reason less words the show on the screen so look at that they got their nav bar up top combined with their header and their logo and boom just like my site there’s the headline sub-headline right underneath that we have two options to buy or learn more so do you see some similarities here headline sub-headline and two options to learn more or invest in tube tycoon now you’ll notice that I’ve made a mistake and that is I have too much content going on up here so over time like I said I’m gonna work this down and create this style of effect now one thing I really want to point out if you look subconsciously down here do you see that there is an arrow imagine see how the Texas going down is creating almost an arrow effect that is not by accident it’s not by accident so the reason why is this is a subconscious trigger for you to either read what we have the read here or scroll down okay and you’ll see that Apple has multiple objectives here for you and it’s the same exact reason why my deadbeat comm has multiple objectives you might not be interested in an iPhone you might not be interested in iPad maybe you want some ear pad or iPads or iMac or watch now this is one of those rare occasions where you may break that rule where you only have one product to offer simply because this is such a luxury kind of self identity thing you kind of need to give people multiple options but like doing ahead the the car for a Henry Ford Model T is like you can get it in black only this is one of the only rare exceptions because of the creativity aspect of it okay so you’ll see that’s very very close to what I do for every single website and this is tested tried and true so here’s another one of my sites this is an affiliate site you’ll notice again same small header very few links only one thing for you to do when you land on the page so you’ve seen this in some of my other videos I give the viewer one option that is to read the content watch the video and then buy the product so this really funnels people down the simplicity works now I get comments all the time I’ll bro your website looks like it’s from 1990’s and I agree I agree fully it looks like it’s from the 1990s I do really care if it looks like great you know you have this big artistic piece of work or do you want to make money so that’s what it comes down to in my opinion I’d rather make money than have some you know you know fancy Dancy looking thing by the way I have a recent video I released at the top right there’ll be a little card that’s gonna pop up click that if you want to learn how to make this type of website step by step okay and this is another different website this does not have a header I’ve gone right into the headline right here because I want maximum focus on that and the video but you’ll notice same idea not much for only one thing for you to do read the headline watch the video and scroll down and get look at the bonus package that I have to offer so I’m actually going to release a video in the next few days maybe over the weekend about how to use bonuses to make more money with affiliate commissions with an affiliate program that you’re promoting so keep an eye out for that and I’m actually gonna give you guys this template for free and this will be available in the deadbeat revolution Facebook group alright so you’ll be able to give this template and use it for yourself the real benefit of this is and i’ma break this down later is that we have to really stack the value and the viewer can then buy the offer which is this mouthguard and I’m brother great you sound more later this really helps boost your conversion rate so that’s another example of a site that I use and here is another example one of mine this is for tube tycoon this is my favorite program right now this is essentially what I do every day and you’ll notice is one thing only that is to come to the page check out my student results who are doing very well with the program here outline of what’s in…

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