Quit Your 9 -5 Job ➡️ Full Time YouTuber (What THEY Don’t Want You Knowing)…

Want to quit your 9 to 5 job to start a full time YouTube online business? Here’s what THEY don’t want you knowing about making it happen..
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We’re talking about what you need to know to quit your nine-to-five job and become a full-time youtuber and more specifically we’re talking about what the gurus don’t want you to know about it all right before we begin my name is Dan Brock the deadbeat super affiliate and if you’re trying to build a lazy passive income online business from the comfort of your own home make sure you subscribe and hit that Bell notification button right now alright guys so I’ve been a full-time you usually burn out for the last I’d say five to six years or so and what I want to talk about are the things that didn’t really know we’re a reality until I started doing it all right well that further ado let’s jump right on into it and get to the money-making good stuff here we go all right that beat so the gurus always say that in order to take the island you must burn the ships so in other words you have to quit your job and go headfirst into starting your first business this is intent this is a recipe for failure more often than not most people can’t do this what you want to do if you want to quit your job you have to do two things first of all all you have to start building up your assets start building up your audience start building up properties online whether it be a YouTube channel a blog social media following an email list any of these things this is gonna help you lay the groundwork to make that transition and number two this is the most important thing you have to get really smart with your money you have to know what’s being spent dollar for dollar or not only your personal expense but your business expense it’s very easy when you think you have a stable income stream coming in to get complacent with that and start spending money that you don’t need to spend alright number two build it and they will come this is the way I’ve heard this people say all the time the biggest lie that I’ve ever that’s ever been told on the Internet all right if you build it there is a real possibility that no one will ever ever see it or appreciate what your product is or your video tube videos whatever it is so build it and they will come is a complete lie more I really want to say build it and promote it and they will come alright so the key to making a successful YouTube business is learning how to promote those videos that is about 90% of the equation there most people don’t even think about this they’re just like I’ll just create my YouTube videos I’ll put them up there and people will start viewing it and within a couple months they’re like no one’s looking at my videos or all it’s because you don’t have a pro at your video so there are skills that teach us in my tube tycoon program for example equipment matters another a huge lie equipment is one of the last thing and importance like what you see on the screen here this is a red camera it’s like 50 grand you do not need this for YouTube purposes this iPhone and iPhone camera will do well this this crappy logitech was at 150 bucks is fine this is if you really want to go all-out 100 and this was like 1500 bucks a little less a thousand for the body have about $500 with the lenses that will do just about as good as job as that 50 grand camera that you see on here worst case guys I’ve made so much money off of PowerPoint slide videos that you see just like this I’m using right now software that was like it’s like a hundred bucks that’s it there’s nothing no other costs alright so that’s it what’s important though is the story that you tell in the video it’s more about the perception that you create that the video itself creates in the person’s mind so are you getting a reaction in that person’s mind it can be done with PowerPoint slides and you get skilled you do the right things all right live number four this is what the gurus always say you got to make profit from your passions now this would be great if you’re able to pull this off like for example the craft niche great nice should get into to make money if it’s your hobby it has a great information based market in there you can sell like guides ebooks video courses and stuff like that now if you’re not passionate about knitting the good news is is that you can make a lot of profit from stuff you don’t care about stuff that you hate stuff that bores you to hell a lot of the a lot of those topics can be highly profitable when you know the right stuff so I am passionate about like for example my internet marketing channel here I love this stuff but I’ve made so much money off of things I could care less about and you would be surprised ten thousand twelve thousand dollars a month on topics I just can’t stand alright so you don’t have to be passionate about certain things misconception number five you can get rich on Adsense now while this is possible especially when it comes like entertainment based channels like pranks YouTube gaming channels things like that Logan Paul type space if if you’re into that you can totally make Bank with Adsense but I’m telling you more often than not you’re gonna make more money selling your own products so we’re gonna talk about that in a second misconception number six long videos are better I’ve made a ton of money off of two three four minute videos even ten minute videos those I consider short those have been my most profitable videos now of course the long ones are better for selling but you don’t need long videos to make a crazy amount of money online literally two three four minute videos or all you need all right fancy videos win this is another misconception I talked about this on this is almost similar to having good equipment really it’s a good audio so this $25 pail might makes a big difference more importantly that like I said it’s what your video creates in the person’s mind it doesn’t need to be fancy stuff in my opinion where YouTube is going lower production value videos that are published more frequently are gonna do better than this big high production value videos that take weeks and months and tens of thousands of dollars to create just get more for a frequent with lower quality videos that follow the right template and the right formulas these are thing I’ll talk about my tube tycoon system and you’ll do much better than then taking a huge risk on a high production value video last misconception here you need a big funnel to make more than ten thousand dollars a month on YouTube alright this is completely real the real magic happens in the in the connection how your video connects with the page that you’re sending them to when you master the art of pre selling your viewer to the end goal here the action that you want them to take you can make ten to twelve thousand dollars a month with one affiliate product I’ve done this before I have fulfilling income coming in right now selling just one affiliate product that makes more than ten thousand dollars a month alright so you don’t need to go all out you don’t need to have this huge product funnel with ten different products in it or a big email chain with thirty affiliate promotions it can be done with just one well-placed offer where I’m getting at with this guy’s is that the Guru’s want you to think that getting into YouTube is really hard to do you have to be this master video creator you have to have you all this lighting you have the expensive equipment you have to have like expert level con none of this matters when you follow and give you to what it wants you can you can skip all of that and just get down to the bare minimum the the basics of what keep people’s attention and how to promote those videos so teach all this in my tube tycoon system guys and I am having a Black Friday sale in it’s a four-day sale on November 23rd so this starts on Black Friday you can get my tube tycoon system which essentially shows you exactly how to create a YouTube business from scratch from the comfort of your own home so just to give you an idea what some of my students are making a ride to tycoon customers here are some recent testimonials I’ve received I have one student who just broke his first $1000 in a single day from YouTube following my tube tycoon system I also have another student here to listen her name’s Laurie she’s making sixteen hundred dollars a month in income following the program all right here’s another customer this is actually two guys two brothers…

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