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What Is Affiliate Marketing In A Nutshell?

Affiliate marketing in a nutshell is you promoting other people’s products and services in exchange of a share of commissions. It can be digital products such as e-learning programs – which comprised of e-books in PDF, video courses, software tools and website templates – and physical goods as in things that people like you and me buy everyday from shops for consumer and entertainment purposes.

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Okay so today we’re talking about how to profit widely in the digital economy in 2020 so my name is Dan Brock the deadbeat super affiliate and this today’s video is brought to you by stay home commission so stay home Commission’s is the number one way to earn Clickbank affiliate commissions in the new digital economy in a way that is natural to you as breathing and just a quick notification that will the the investment amount will race for six ninety seven to nine ninety seven in just roughly thirty hours okay so today’s topic is what’s going on in the world and how you can profit from this how to go from small to large instead of getting instead of getting it going from strong to weak okay so the key the key to keep from where I found the key to life is to be able to stay adaptable they say that the straw it’s not the strongest snot the smartest that survived it’s the most adaptable so right now if you have not noticed the world’s going crazy folks things are going crazy so let’s just take a look at some of the news articles that popped up here today so okay so we have us yesterday US unemployment could hit two twenty percent or more in May and possibly still double digits in November so right now to that day the sky is falling and two the next day we now have massive massive optimism going around in the stock market so it’s either up up down down one day up the next okay so what this means is it’s very very difficult to figure out like what’s what’s up from down I mean you don’t even know if you should swim this way or this way so what do you do have control over though is your own business you don’t you have zero control over the whims of other people so it’s you know the bipolar nature of the markets out there but your business is what you can control so let’s take a look at some things that you can do first things first to make the point even stronger here just check this out so just saw this article pop up today work from home productivity pick up has tech CEOs predicting that many employees will never come back to the office here’s another one Shopify joins Twitter to Google to permanently so to allow people to permanently work from home so what this means is that a lot of the old world economy is going to start to suffer significantly now if you could just hear me if you can hear me and see me right now just give me a chat in the chat box on make sure we’re good ok looks like a grip okay so things that are gonna be on the decline office spaces retail stores are gonna be head cuz people more likely to shop the shop on Amazon because they now have the habits built up going to movies people we watching a lot of their entertainment more of its from their home because we have no idea when this this the the there’s current crisis here is going to end it’s still speculation so one day it’s gonna end them next week next day next day people say it’s gonna end in a year other things retail jobs those are gonna be out like things like Starbucks all of these are in order to survive we have to shrink dramatically now what’s gonna happen people are gonna be now working more from home they’re gonna be online looking for income streams how to generate income with online jobs resume some of the some of the topics that I think you’re gonna redo are things like office furniture right if people are now working working from home based off those articles that we’ve seen they’re gonna need things like desks new computers new productivity tools things I’m making more product productive so what you can do is and as an affiliate you could create a site like work from home everything you need to know about working from home tools office furniture is the best chairs the best productivity courses that you can take to become more effective so these are great niche opportunities and other ones are like home gardens these are pretty big right now people are getting these additional hobbies to survive in the current times okay so what do you think about that do you do you agree with me on the fact that there’s gonna be this massive shift from the old economy which is retail big-box stores people going to work with people now coming home to pull up to do their work so other topics things like mental health I’ll talk more about this later if you work from home you experience a lot of mental health issues like anxiety depression because you’re you have so much time to thinking into your own thoughts to spend in your own thoughts that it’s very hard to keep a clear mind so with that said what people can do is create affiliate sites to address mental health issues especially if you have some if you work from home there’s gonna be an easy way for you to sell products if it’s something that you’re experiencing and of course I always recommend you you do medical disclaimers and all that but it’s it’s easy from it’s easier when you can experience it and talk from a perspective of someone who’s experiencing those problems let me give you some shoutouts here let me know if you have any questions here Baltimore filmmaker says I’m actually here for her live cast working from home okay Mohammad how’s it going Brian how’s it going Falcon gaming how’s it going so what are some things that you can do some strategies first things first start stop building up your properties your social media properties so the way I see it is that the more control you have in your life the more likely you’re going to be able to come out of this so that is always focusing on your own business now what is one of the most valuable assets in 2020 it’s you your personal brand what people think about you your audience your subscribers the human capital that you build up through working online in that goodwill that you you push out to the world so by improving other’s lives and giving what happens is that you create this reciprocal feeling and an abundant feeling which means that people are more likely to purchase from you so your first step here is to start building up your property so like you to build up those digital real estate assets YouTube your own blog blog is a very powerful way to go nowadays Pinterest profiles Facebook groups of your in the Facebook’s Facebook email lists all of these are the excellent ways to keep in touch with people and for many many years to come so you can tap into your audiences and offer programs and products for them to exceed let’s say online jobs for example let’s say someone’s looking for an online job and this is something I cover and stay home Commission’s by the way these types of niches what if someone’s looking for and on my job right they’re gonna say they go look for like writing jobs they want to start a freelancer writing job well wouldn’t they also be interested in doing like a paid social media job or like an SEO job or something like that it’s about the same skill set so if someone’s interested in that and earning from home you know that for many many years to come they’re probably going to be interested because it’s a drug folks working working for home it’s excellent it’s one of the best lifestyles ever because you want to put up with people you have control over your day you wake up when you want you can hit that snooze button whenever you want it is an excellent feeling it’s like tasting the nectar of the Gods once you taste that nectar oh it’s sweet you never want to go back so there’s some strategies for that we cover in stay home Commission’s I don’t want to go too much in this video because this could take me Ted the technical of it like how to create a blog how to create social media posts there’s some skills and tactics to it now if you have a specific questions regarding that post it in the in the chat box David Smith how you doing for thanks Bryan…

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