Make Money Online | 11 Bizarre Ways To Make Mom Proud

WARNING: These are very weird ways to make money online. Brace yourself. Like and comment!

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In this video you’ll learn 11 bizarre ways to earn online income from home. These include: Getting paid to poop, to sell your hair, do fake jury trials, mouse head taxidermy, and more!

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Are you kidding what am i doing making youtube videos no you’re about to learn some very strange and weird ways to make money online and we’re starting right now dan brock here from and we’re getting crazy strange in this video but before we do make sure you subscribe and hit that like button because it may save the lives of many chickens previous joke let’s start off with a bang here number one is poop in 2015 cnn wrote about an mit research assistant who made a thousand dollars a month selling his poop so step number one too much info then head over to and fill out one of their applicant forms here and you can become a stool donor and pull in about 250 bucks a month on the internet when you do the world a great service here so what they do is they take your poop stick it up someone else’s poop and that makes biologies happen and it saves the world and let’s get classy here folks number two that is to be a digital jury assistant here so what’s going to happen is you attend these mock trials a lawyers will pretend to do their cases in front of you in return you get paid 10 to 15 for the length of the case and number three that is to sell your own hair yes we have a theme here tonight folks body parts monetization of the body parts all right so running through the hair calculator here we are good bam 191 are you kidding 191 dollars a month that combined with the poop that’s a full-time job you know what i quit and going on number four that is to sell back your old printer cartridges i mean does anyone even use printers anymore that’s like that’s almost like vhs tapes back in the 90s so you get 23 bucks each for each toner cartridge not bad if you’re printing a bunch of whatever it is that you guys print a month that’s about 23 bucks a month add that to the hair the poop we now have a retirement fund all right next one is junk turn your junk mail into rewards this site is and what they do is they take your junk email and analyze it for some marketing data so simply to start this sign up log into your email account go from primary to promotion select all of your spam emails that you got from all the things that you signed up for in the past and then from there head on over back to the site and send them your junk mail method number six is to sell apple boxes on the internet yes those beautiful babies you just go to list your your apple box and sell it so look at this these are all completed things 30 bucks 20 bucks 60 bucks for these apple mac boxes now i don’t want to know what they’re doing with them it doesn’t matter to me long as i get my money i’m not asking questions and weird thing number six taxidermy mouse heads now let me a little tip of advice for you guys out there the ladies love it the taxidermy mouse heads mixed with this is a guaranteed recipe for success or they just might think you’re a serial killer which is probably true weird way to make money number seven is the jesus videos the old poods did want a video on this while back so just think of some creative ways you can come up with some alternative the alternative to this this guy’s crushing it with jesus videos so you could do perhaps bob marley videos kim jong-un videos abe lincoln videos george washington videos and oh my god what am i saying i don’t even know anymore and method monetization number method wedding speech this is for all of you uncertain fellows out there that don’t know what to say you can have someone on fiverr profess your love to your new bride who you attracted with your mouse taxidermy head so with this you can write people’s wedding speeches this is actually a very big niche wedding speeches groom speeches father of the bride speeches all these are actually have a very high ticket things with people come in and they’re not really they’re not really prepared so they’re like let’s just get someone else to do it so if you’re a skilled writer at least mildly good there you there you go next way to make money on fiverr doing weird stuff are these creepy portraits oh yes give it to me this is great all right now we’re talking guys branding specialists right here put one of these up as your facebook photo and you’re going to attract the clients they’re going to want to give money to you when you look something like this and the next one ren a friend okay check this out you can actually paid fifty dollars per hour to be someone’s friend but i dug deeper and found out that this is probably just an escort website and then you can see you have these this lonely gentleman jack he’s 70 years old and what do you know maria 19. what’s going on here maybe this is legitimate maybe not i don’t know but it’s 50 an hour to text and do all that fun stuff over the internets and number five is to selling your used panties online you could do this i mean there’s some freaks out there i’m not really a penny a panty guy but i know there’s lots of them so there you go there’s an option for you you can bid the big bucks put them up on bids on ebay and you’re ready to roll and last but not least you can be someone’s personal therapist let’s look at him he’s got the suit on it’s good he’s legit we can hire this guy he’s got kids around him he’s good thousand patients there we go virtual therapist all right dan brock from over and out hit that subscribe and like button see you later.

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