Lifetime Affiliate Commissions: How To Retire With Affiliate Marketing In 2019

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So lifetime affiliate commissions wouldn’t it be nice if you were able to make a sale today and month after month and year after year continue to earn commissions from that same original sale if yes this video is for you today we were talking about the top reoccurring affiliate programs that you should consider per owning right now this year hi my name is Stan Brock the deadbeat super affiliate from deadbeat com and if you want to earn affiliate commissions while you snooze then join the deadbeat revolution today by hitting that subscribe button and ticking that Bell icon right now alright today I’m going to show you how to put a floor and explode your income in your new business that you’re about to start right now today let’s jump right on in [Music] okay so if your goal is to escape the system kick the nine to five to the curb punch your boss in the face the key to this is to stack month as not advisable but key to this is the stack monthly Commission’s so you can have the stability of a job the security of a job without actually working one so what I mean by that is by having a good solid stable income coming in every month this will allow you to focus more on the future rather than the present okay so with that said my favorite types of things to promote our tools all right tools that people need in order to stay in business now a perfect analogy of this would be like pretending you have a grocery store right well in order to stay in business you need a credit card processor in that processor will charge you about 40 bucks a month and two percentage points of all the sales that you make so isn’t it true that if you want to stay in business you need the credit card processor so these types of tools people will pay for year after year after year for as long as they’re in business this is like this is the reason why I like to promote these types of things so the first type of tool on the chopping block today is an email marketing service all right I’ve used this over the last ten years personally I have two different services that I pay for one of them being send lane and one of them being get response so let’s run some math here and go over some figures so over the last ten years I’ve been using get response let’s do ten times twelve so it’s ten years times twelve months as 120 months right well when I started I was paying about fifty bucks a month and I’ve scaled up right now I’m paying about $500 a month because I my list has grown so much over the years so if you factor that old again let’s go conservative with this let’s just say it’s a hundred and twenty-five bucks a month averaged out over that time so it’s times up by 125 a month and that is $15,000 that I’ve spent for email services and if you divide this by three this gives you roughly 30% boom you’ve made $5,000 in commissions just from me how do you have referred me to just get response in and of itself so five thousand dollars in a single sales what you would earn factoring in the Commission’s and all that good stuff so let’s just check out some additional ones you have a Weber and market here oh that’s Alex Becker’s company so here’s a rubbers affiliate program this is another email service provider you’re looking at or they offer you as an affiliate 30% Commission’s here they have all kinds of cool features like articles and ads that you can use visitors and sales stats and newsletter letters email sale notifications all the cool stuff and you can click that and join the affiliate program and start promoting that okay so email marketing perfect thing to really get those long term Commission’s that keep coming in when you stop even if you stop today many many years later alright next thing up on the chopping block brought black bloc this is web hosting commissions alright I love Peroni web hosting I personally myself I use web hosting so it’s such a great fit if you have an online business or you want to start one you need web hosting in order to make it works alright currently off the top of my head I think I have like four or five different hosting plans running across various service providers so just to give you some examples of things that you can promote you have beyond hosting that’s a 40% recurring commission you have liquid web I’ve used them in the past that’s a 100% Commission for the first month and 5% recurring after that now 5% doesn’t sound like that much but let’s run through some math here let’s say you’re able to sell a $500 a month dedicated server they have I think a couple of them ranging up to a thousand a month let’s just go 500 bucks a month so you get $500 up front for that sale plus 5% of that so times point zero five BAM 25 bucks a month for each server that you sell all right so servers are just another one of those things people will use for three four or five years before they retire of that server and you can stack those over and over again and get a nice Commission upfront all right WordPress is another WordPress com has a pretty solid affiliate program check this out so here we are at wordpress coms affiliate page and the cool thing about is you also receive commissions for any of the services that people get in addition to WordPress so for example jetpack and WooCommerce these are also monthly recurring programs that are all tied in the WordPress that if you can make a sale you get those sales as well so you get jet pack you get WooCommerce and if I’m not if not mistaken you get commissions for that’s bought from there so there’s the affiliate program at check that out good things for you to promote right there to receive those recurring commissions personally though I like to get paid upfront for web hosting so you can consider things like Hostgator Bluehost to get those solid commission sales upfront alright another great type of service to promote is web research tools I promote longtail Pro currently there are they give a 30% Commission SEM rush offers 40% Commission spyfu offers 40% recurring and CEO SEO SEO professor offers 50% recurring so let’s take a look at these okay so here we are for SEM rush it’s be rush calm and you can see you earn roughly 40 percent recurring for any person who uses their tool and if someone really likes a key we’re told they’re gonna use this for many years to come alright and one of the cool things about their program 10 year cookie life alright so that means if someone goes to their site today they don’t buy like today or 30 days from now up to 10 years later you can receive credit for that sale and start stacking those recurring commissions oh right now just a quick side note here there are so many of these types of recurring affiliate programs to work with it’s almost impossible for me to create an entire video about it so in the Debbie Revolution Facebook group there is actually a list that’s been submitted by a deadbeat in the revolution that covers over 130 different affiliate offers that you can promote so to get access to that just go to the deadbeat revolution affiliate marketing wall youths news Facebook group and hit files and you should locate that right here the ultimate lists of 131 lifetime recurring affiliate commissions that you can start promoting today alright with that brief message out of the way the next thing on the chopping block our e-learning platforms alright so services like teachable think if it’s sick I don’t even help say that think it fistic we’ll just go with that all right think if ik think if ik there we go and kajabi kajabi alright I use kajabi great platform I use it for the past like a year and a half now and you receive 15% recurring for any customer that you send the kajabi although just a quick note that is capped at one year so let’s just check out one of these types of programs we have teachable here so this is their affiliate program they offer 30% Commission’s earn forever so that continues to go…

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