Innovative Growth with Emirates, Farfetch and MandM Direct

This webinar covers:
– How to unlock areas of growth through partnerships
– How leading enterprise brands have driven 330% ROI 
– Leveraging new platform technology 
– Diversifying publisher types to embed new and exciting strategies
– Solutions industry leading brands have already implemented 
– Industry leaders results and learnings
– Q&A session with the panelists

This session is moderated by Sean Sewell, Co-founder VP Revenue, Partnerize.

The speakers are:

April Roberts, Partnerships Manager, MandM Direct
Peter Agardi, Digital Marketing Manager, Emirates
Laetitia Pescheux, Performance Marketing Manager, Farfetch

This webinar is sponsored by Partnerize.

Tips Of The Trade In Affiliate Marketing

As an affiliate marketer, you must let your potential customers know what you are doing. Be upfront about your relationship with an affiliate, instilling trust in your visitors. If a visitor thinks there is any dishonesty going on with your site, they will go instead to the merchant site for their purchase.

Four Things You Should Never Do As An Affiliate Marketer

The biggest four things you should never do as an affiliate marketer and why explained in great detail. Most affiliates get these four things all wrong, and end up chasing their own tail in circles before making their first sale.

Single Payment VS Recurring Payment

When you’re setting up your online business, there’s basically two types of income you can tap into. Single payment income and recurring income. You’ll find multimillionaires in both categories, so there’s no right or wrong choice. In fact, if you tap into both income sources, you’re further ahead.

Explanations Of Some Key Points About Affiliate Marketing

If someone told you that it was easy to make a living as an affiliate marketer, then they’ve only told you half the truth. Setting up sites and promoting products may be easy, but actually lining everything up in order to create an efficient, functioning machine is another story entirely. So before you have to learn things the hard way, make sure you first read up on this affiliate information to see how you can become a successful marketer.

Make Money Online With Rapid Action Profits

Good news for Affiliate Marketers that sell digital products such as ebooks,memberships,video training courses and other products you need one more key ingredient. Affiliate Marketers need to have in place at the beginning the right tools for the job.

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