I tried getting rich online w/ facebook ads…

The gurus told me it’s possible? Are Facebook Paid Ads the secret sauce I’ve been missing all this time for online business success? Are are my results:

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I tried getting rich with Facebook ads and this is what happened we’re jumping right on in hi my name is Dan Roxy deadbeat a super affiliate from deadbeat com and if you want to earn online income while you snooze hit that subscribe button right now okay so here are the results we’re gonna jump right on into my computer ok guys so we are running out of sunlight and we’re gonna make this a quick one so whenever I’m not making YouTube videos I’m usually testing new things in the background so my most recent experiment has been running Facebook Ads to a Shopify store so I’m going to show you that store right now it is this topic called astrology I’m not really too familiar with it that much it’s basically like people believe in these signs and these signs represents certain things about you and what we were doing is trying to sell this jewelry so it’s like a little necklace here it has different signs on it and we ran a good a bit of traffic to this right now the profit margin on this I think is like roughly $7 and going into the results here we’ve made roughly 40 well and I was wrapped around it up 65 dollars so of that only like twenty of twenty dollars of that was profit so herein lies the problem with paid ads you have to experiment a lot alright reason why we spent $200 is because we tested multiple necklaces out so we tested pretty much every necklace there is and none of those were a hit now obviously necklaces a lot to do with you know tastes and all that but we’re I’m getting that with this guys is that it’s very risky to go into this knowing not knowing what’s gonna return results so that’s the main problem with pay traffic the other problem is is that bigger businesses and I’m gonna talk more about this in the workshop that I have coming up in a couple days bigger businesses more experienced marketers they have a lot of foundation work a big moat in other words built up so that it’s hard for a beginner to come in and be profitable so where some expert might be able to make a profit here as far as like they might have a huge inventory of products they’ve created they get a real high profit margins on it they have partnerships all about things that take years frankly to build up they might be able to turn a profit by doing this but if you’re a beginner and you don’t have those things set up you’re gonna be spending money in order to get this so we took a $200 stab at this and Facebook typically gets more when they call it seasoning the pixel when your pixel gets more seasoned it becomes more efficient at getting sales but it costs money to get to that point so right now our return on investment is like negative a thousand percent and obviously this is not a good run but where I’m getting that this is paid traffic is very very costly now here is where this is different from free traffic so look what happens when we turn the ads on boom we get some results boom results instant traffic that’s great but it look what happens as soon as we turn it off boom it’s off ok no more traffic I turn it back on test another product it raises again great great great great great great turn it off boom nothing I got a little tip here to spy just me or something that’s the main…

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