How to: Your $1,000,000 Online Business Idea 2021

Got a $1,000,000 business idea? Let’s put it to the test. Stay Home Commissions goes from $697 to $997 May 27th:  

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Right what’s up that beat so today we’re talking about your won tonight we’re talking about the 1 million dollar business idea okay so welcome to the live stream so what I want to talk about are the different ways to become or to earn a million dollars and break it down it’s called doing a millionaire math and also to talk about some of your ideas you may have and give you some insight to how you can achieve that goal so my name is Tampa Rock T deadbeat super affiliate from deadbeat comm let me know how you’re doing on audio just give me a little yes in the chat box and a little bit of that heck a yeah you two loving and then we’ll jump right on into the stream so I mess around my audio settings so check one two check oh one two okay so how is everyone today and we’re gonna get right to that good stuff okay so let’s talk about the of course I’ve got some issues of I didn’t prepare with this properly one second lost my powerpoint I had some good slide set up and everything okay guys one second here I don’t know what okay that’s the problem okay all right and we should be popping on screen any minute now okay so I’m gonna just do it without it okay so well isn’t that just great excuse me guys just give me one moment here let me guess let me get some some stuff here ROM doing now j5 how’s it going the random gamer race eg someone says cool glasses I got the cool glasses cuz the light here is good killing killing my eye sockets so PowerPoint slide and now we do this it’s not showing up what the hell okay there it is yeah success okay so never talk about the your business idea to get to 1 million dollars online won a million dollars on the interwebs ok so just this message is brought to you by stay home commissions at stay home Commission’s calm at midnight tonight so roughly 2 hours and 45 minutes the investment amount increases from 699 7 to 997 and from here it’s only going to sky-high Heights after that we’re gonna go all the way to 1997 so if you want to build the Clickbank online digital affiliate business of your dreams go there and invest now before the special is removed today okay so you know work on okay so okay so let’s go over the millionaire math so how to make a million dollars online here are the various options you can go about it so number one sell two hundred two hundred dollar product to five thousand people okay so let me just talk to you about that getting five thousand people to buy it sounds like it’s not a lot but at the same time it is kind of difficult so five thousand people at two hundred bucks easy it’s it’s it’s pretty easy to get some to spend one hundred ninety seven dollars you don’t really need to be the most you know badass salesman on the Internet just a few follow-ups in email or just a couple YouTube videos or enough to sell someone on a simple one hundred and ninety seven dollar offer as an affiliate I mean think of it like this one hundred ninety seven bucks I mean you probably spend that you could spend hunt you could spend $200 on one night out with like your friends and stuff if you pick up the bar tabs or whatever so $197 is an easy sell especially if it’s something that helps them improve their lives or their health or anything like that it’s very easy to do so that’s something that we talk about in stay home Commission’s those easy sales that get you a hundred dollars and we go all the way up to a thousand dollars in a feeling’ commissions okay so number two is the sell a 500 dollar product to two thousand people okay so five hundred bucks were bitten a little bit higher up on the price point scale here so five hundred dollars does take a little bit more effort your typical you want you’re gonna want to sell this through a webinar or a several video sequence here so five hundred dollars it’s getting towards something someone might spend that on like a TV or something so getting making a decision like a TV or Playstation to people to do a little bit of thought about it but but even still the offer is right it can be an impulse buy believe it or not dang dang near close to it so guys usually men are usually more impulse buyers so you can actually get an impulse $500 buy but it’s a little bit more difficult okay next next little ratrock is 1,000 in 2000 so $1,000 products 7,000 people 2000 dollar products to 500 people now we’re talking so the most I’ve sold for the price point is $2,000 in an actual X digital format so I’ve done that it is harder to convert you definitely need to up your sales game quite a bit for this you have to put on a very good event as far as webinars or concern or have a tremendous amount of trust built up with that person okay so that’s that and here let’s get into or some recurring offers so excuse me recurring is a little bit of a challenge you might think that getting someone to spend 17 bucks a month it is not as hard as getting some of the by like a $200 product it’s actually about the same difficulty so recording is a challenge to sell so something like 17 bucks a month of real simple piece of software is an affiliate you could dig one up on like jvzoo this is of course something we talked about in stay home commissions ad stay home Commission’s dot-com just want to drive that little plug there and number two forty to fifty bucks a month so at that range we’re looking at about some software tools that are usually involve hosted stuff email service providers all of these are great things to parentis an affiliate in this range because anything like a info course or something like that the price on that is too low to like 42 bucks right if you haven’t a membership site that’s like you know $50 a month you get training the training monthly memberships aren’t don’t have that really sex appeal to get people to continue to pay money over and over again but a software a piece of software 50 bucks a month is a no-brainer if it’s something that makes you to 300 bucks a month or it’s a tool you use in your business or it’s a tool to keep track of inventory or anything like that you need this type of software it’s a very very easy sell in fact if it’s the right tool it’s it can be easier to sell than say like a $200 product okay so bringing it down all the way to the recurrence here we have 250 people at 333 dollars a month for 12 months total and these are all the ways that you can make a million dollars on the Internet so what are your ideas we can talk about that and what I wanted to talk about here is in addition to that everyone’s like I have this great idea I’m gonna make this big app and I’m gonna do I’m gonna make this moat there’s a complex business we I’ve talked about this before you know I’m have the front end product I’m have a webinar then I’m gonna have some software businesses on the back and I’m gonna have you know coaching yadda yadda yadda if you want to make a million dollars you don’t need that okay you can do it as an affiliate you can do it with just one webinar as an affiliate you can do it you can do it selling to two to five hundred dollar info products that’s totally doable we’re again only talking five six seven thousand people here to get these kind of sales there’s not that much getting getting say 10,000 people to buy something it sounds like a lot but if you had the traffic which I can show you how to get in Sam commissions over time this happens it’s not gonna happen all at once but it once is over two or three years you’re like oh that’s looking good okay so with that said let’s talk more about that what are your questions in regards to that your your million dollar idea so type those into the internet and I will go through that right now so jfi so karen says yes but what kind of products so karen i just mentioned some of those so there are all kinds of different products you can create you can create so i’m not create you can promote as an affiliate so software tools just let the top of my head some that i promote get response i do a little bit of click funnels I’d have my yevo service which is an affiliate platform for affiliate affiliate websites that’s mine so I built that you have tools like keyword research tools now only health side of things there’s all kinds of things that people will buy it might not necessarily be software though it could be a recurring membership to say a supplement club you know some hundred dollar month supplement club where you get thirty three or forty percent commissions there’s forty bucks a month so some additional things that you could sell courses and programs all these are easy easy sells you’ll see typically five to a thousand dollars on those in many different markets real estate investing a lot of money niches these are hot right now which is something that we talk about directly in stay home commissions at stay on Commission’s calm okay so let out so we have here j5 says yes I work on PPS but it pays well but okay cool my my net sex appeal apps on build roll that’s good someone says I look like Bono yeah I have to say these glasses on because of this light it’s gonna just make me impossible for me to go to sleep okay so does anyone have any additional questions what are some ideas you have right now in regards to making a million dollars

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