How To Start An Amazon FBA Business Without Products Guessing

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In this video today we are discussing setting up your amazon FBA business on a different stand point

Follow these steps
1- Start out with the audience
with this you will need to find a niche instead of going broad,
narrow it down to a specific crowed

2- Do Affiliates Product for the first 30 days
When you use this strategy you will have enough data
to make decisions on products that are converting
and knowing exactly what your crowd likes

3- Find Your Winners
As you do many affiliates products you will find the few of them
that will emerge to the top
this will allow you to take away any guess work

4- Look on Aliexpress and Alibaba
Main tip with dealing with ali site
be sure to find a manufacturer and build a relationship that can last long term

5- Launch On a Discount
This will allow you to build your customers
and get really good reviews to help you rank

6- Scale Your BUSINESSS

Let me know if you’re have any question

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This video is about How To Start An Amazon FBA Business Without Products Guessing

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