This video is about Affiliate Marketing How To Make $19,631 per month With NO WEBSITE

Make $150 per day blogging
1. Blog about what excite your crowd
It’s very important that your blog main purpose is to serve an audience by finding solutions to many different problems they might experience or answers to many questions they might have…

2. Buy a domain
This is very easy to do and there’s many services you can use to fufill this part of your task…
Be sure to do a little bit of thinking about the name you will choose for your blog or site because it will be what’s represent the brand that you are creating long term.

3. Ask GoDaddy to fire WordPress
If you don’t have much experience with setting up BLOG you can just have them set up the blog for you at go daddy or many other hosting company provide complementary set up when purchasing a site and hosting…

4. Upload strategic content
Don’t just upload whatever you want,
when it comes to making money blogging you want to know what your audiences are interested in, give it to them while you find ways to monetize the process.

5. Build Your crowd
This is one of the best thing you can for your brand, by building an off google traffic hub where you can get traffic on demand to your blog without having to wait to be picked up by the google search engine.

6. Blog for their daily interests
This is where you blog every day but with strategic blogging you will be able to start making money and grow it through time, then outsource that business if you don’t want to create content for it.

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