How To Make Money On YouTube Without Making Video | 2020

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This video is about How To Make Money On YouTube Without Making Video | 2020

Making money with YouTube has become the norm,
I remember when people wasn’t expose to this type of information, it was only a few people winning, but now with this age of information sharing it’s amazing to see how many people winning utilizing their skillsets, gifts, and passion.

Here’s the Break down of the video on making money with youtube without making videos in 2020 and beyond.

1. Chose a niche
It’s very important if you going to do this without showing your face, you need something that your audience can relate to on a core level, whether it’s hairs, nails, laugh, basketball, cooking ect be sure to pick something you might as well enjoy in the process.

2. Create A YouTube Channel with your gmail
This is the least intimidating task lol, most of you watching this video probably already have a gmail account, that’s probably how you got here, so you’re one step ahead, you just have to turn that into a youtube account .

3. Find Existing Content
Since you will not be originally create these contents you need to establish a platfom or many platforms that you can leverage to get these content… among these you can Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, Tik-Tok, ect

4. Edit the content
For editing i use Final cut pro, but you can start out with basic content editor such as imovie or windows media player.

5. Upload content
when you’re uploading just remember to put keywords in your content specifically in the beginning it will help youtube determine what your channel is about and allow you to get more.

6. Boost Your Content
If you have existing traffic you can send your videos to them, if you don’t have any existing traffic you can do some facebook ads to create some traction on your channel that way you can grow.

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