How to Make $30-$75 Per Hour Online Part Time (Slapping Keys on Your Keyboard)

How to make $25, $30, to $75 an hour online part-time by mashing keys on your keyboard. You can do this in your spare time and also get paid fast. Join the Deadbeat Revolution movement now:

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How awesome would it be to be able to make 25 to $75 an hour online simply by tapping your keyboard right from home would that be cool for you if so this video is for you hi my name is Dan Brock the deadbeat super affiliate from deadbeat com and if you’re trying to go from suits and commutes to earning online income while you snooze then join the deadbeat revolution today by hitting that subscribe button and ticking that bell icon right now [Music] oh right so today is the day the first thing you’re gonna learn is how to jumpstart your article writing career right from scratch so you can start pulling in gigs starting today and then number two I’m gonna show you how to quickly scale that up to earn fifty sixty sixty-five or even seventy five dollars an hour with your writing already a pumped are you ready if so let’s jump right on it alright so the first thing we have to do is start building up our rolodex of clients this gives you bargaining power so what you’re going to want to do is start tapping into websites that allow you to really go right into the pulse of the internet and connect instantly with people like me who are paying people to write their content the one great website is scripted dot-com you’ll be able to earn a little bit more money here than some of the ones I’m going to show you but hire writers comm is an easier way to get started quicker way and so is Tex Berger calm I’ve used textbook or a good bit in the past this is a great quick way to start pulling in those gigs so you just click I write articles here or I’ve read content and go through the process to sign up and it’s that easy to start tapping in now another service I like to work with is up work alright –sykes like up work and three lamps are command a higher dollar for writers but you’re gonna have to really master two topics here the first thing you’re going to want to master is keywords and search engine optimization I always when I hire article writers this is a number one criteria and I’m willing to pay a premium for people to understand that alright so this is something you’re gonna want to start learning on the side all right now the good thing with keywords and SEO is this is a great skill to use to earn while you learn alright so with that said I have a video up here at the top right where you can click on the start learning keywords and SEO but don’t click that yet let’s go through the video because we have a lot of valuable stuff to start talking about and the second thing you’re gonna have to learn is copywriting alright the article writers that I hire that can sell the man a much higher premium than your run-of-the-mill textbook or writer alright so I recommend you start practicing learning the cell 15 20 or even 30 minutes a day and the reason why is because I know that if my writer is good at selling my products then I’m able to recoup my investment much quicker and it’s worth it to me if I invest $100 $200 an article if I know I can make 2 3 even 10 grand per article so I’m willing to pay more for that ok so once you start honing in those skills this is when you can really start the mandiant hired money on freelance or up work now the second step of the process is you have to start building up your authority as a writer this is gonna separate you from the run-of-the-mill writer and give you that edge you need to really start ramping up to about 75 or even 100 dollars an hour alright so give you an example this a great way to go about it is to start a YouTube channel about writing or the topic that you’re interested in for example if you like golf and you want to write about that I totally recommend you start positioning yourself as a golf expert that will allow you to charge a lot more for your content so this is someone I randomly picked up she is doing exactly that alright her channel is about writing so she’s positioning herself as an expert online writer who does this on her daily basis do you see why doing the YouTube channel really gives you that extra oomph that you need to give you that authority if that’s something that you’re interested in I recommend you start building this up on the side and I have a video that you can access right here to the top right of the video to start kick-starting that process using my 3-step youtube video formula and all my website I also have an additional free guide for you ok so once you get those videos going and again you should do this about with 40% of your time in addition to that you should also consider writing your own book alright so here is an example of someone who did just that the is is very easy to do don’t complicate this you can create this in about two days so the book doesn’t need to be 500 pages a good simple 150 word book is all you need to do now for the cover here you can do that in canva or go to Fiverr and check that out there and in addition to that this is the it’s important stuff you’re gonna want to create a paperback so there are sites you can do this like create space which actually hooks right into Amazon so it’s all done for you and when you have that printed book it’s gonna position you much higher I mean think about it when someone holds up a book and they say I’m an author here is my book doesn’t that in your mind subconsciously raised their authority in your mind doesn’t that position them just a little bit higher so I highly recommend you some in the next two days cranking out that book while you simultaneously start getting gigs and pulling in that income so you can quit your job and do this full-time now if you want to learn the step-by-step process of creating the e-book from scratch and turning it into a printed book I also have an additional video for you right here click that out that’ll give you the basics of starting the process now before you do that one additional tip for you to find people who know the value of a good writer check out online marketing Facebook groups and start building relationships in here tell everyone you’re a writer you’re good at SEO and you’re also a good copywriter you know how to sell and here’s an awesome way to communicate with your client say something like this what keywords do you want me to write about I’ll take care of all the sub keywords the longtail keywords just tell me what the main keyword is I will come up with all the content and number two tell me what type of product you want to promote what’s one of your…

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