How to Make $1000 a Day Online w/ Clickbank (At Any Age)

Here’s how to make $1000 dollars per day online with Clickbank affiliate marketing at literally any age. Go here after the video:

OK so making money as a clickbank affiliate can be boiled down into several systematic steps.

Step 1: Pick a Clickbank affiliate niche market.

There are several types of markets you can make money online in when it comes to Clickbank. Usually they fall under 4 categories: Health, wealth, relationships, and professions/hobbies.

Some examples include:

Woodworking, relationship advice for women, lose stomach fat/get 6 pack abs, personal development, solar panels, battery reconditioning and more.

Some of these affiliate markets have $1000-$10,000 a day affiliate potential for top affiliates.

Step 2: Generate free website traffic.

So you’ll want to master search engine optimization and send as much free traffic through your Clickbank affiliate links as much as you possibly can.

I prefer the following traffic sources: Blogging, YouTube marketing, and Forum marketing. The idea is to provide a lot of value up front and also be persuasive in getting your viewer to take your recommendation on the Clickbank product you’re promoting.

Step 3: Capture email addresses and re-market your Clickbank products.

While you can go straight for the affiliate sale by recommending products at the end of your videos and blog posts, the best route is to collect email addresses and build your social media followings. This is a roundabout way to build your subscriber base, which allows you to continually promote new Clickbank products and most importantly, provide more value to your audience.

One additional tip that I always tell Deadbeats is that success with online marketing comes with honing in specific skills. What that means is that instead of diverting your attention to different affiliate networks, you should focus solely on the art of promoting Clickbank affiliate products and honing in on the traffic sources that drive the results.

I usually don’t recommend beginners to do paid traffic generation because it requires a lot of foundation to be set up prior to earning money online, and because you are shelling out money for PPC traffic, you HAVE to have your numbers right before you spend money. That’s why it’s best to spear head affiliate promotions with free website traffic, and once you have a general idea of your conversion rates and how much each subscriber generates you, then you can consider moving onto paid website traffic!

Overall, making $1000 a day online as a Clickbank affiliate marketer is attainable if you follow the process above and stick through the hurdles. Don’t expect it to be easy, but there is a ton of opportunity in the digital product space for the people who stick it out and become professional level marketers.

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You’re about to learn how to make 10k in a single day on Clickbank alright my name is Dan broccoli Debbie superflat and before we begin make sure you subscribe and hit that Bell notification button so you’re notified of all the videos that I release when I release them alright guys so the topic of the videos day is how to do a product launch on networks like Clickbank jvzoo warrior plus stripe or whatever it is and how to do it the right way so that further ado let’s jump on in and get to money-making good stuff here we go alright guys so fair warning this video is going to get in tense alright guys so what you see on the screen here are some for some of the earning accounts that I’ve earned on Clickbank doing product launches you can see here I’ve pulled in ten thousand dollar days in the past just to show you that I continue to use these tactics here’s recently two months ago we have one day where I’ve made up to twenty three thousand dollars in a single day all right guys so to break this down what I’ve decided to do is use a practical example on Clickbank and I’m gonna walk you through the elements that you have to get in place to give you a bird’s eye view of how this works and how you can potentially do this too so we’re gonna do this piano for all product this is a product that teaches you how to play the piano obviously it’s not like it’s teaching you how to drive a car it’s called piano for all so it’s about pianos alright so first things first here are the elements that you need you need a website design you need actual text that goes on the screen this is basically what’s known as sales copy or copywriting you need that you need a video nowadays I highly recommend that no matter what you do you have some kind of video on here as part of your so you’re part of a sales presentation you need a product image if you have bonuses those can help increase your conversions a little bit testimonials if you have those those do wonders you might you’re not gonna have that obviously right off the bat so that’s something you get later on so they bring it down for you guys just on my trusty rusty Photoshop board here number one you need the sales page design so this is the template to get this done to give you an idea what you knew just how it over to fiver type into the search box on sales page design you’ll find various gig providers I’ve just picked one out here for examples sake here’s one that will make it for 30 bucks very affordable right there you get that I believe you might even get a product image along with it I’m not sure about that but anyway the product image can be done for five bucks too so that’s that so you need the sales page design then you’re gonna need the actual headline the written text so you can write that yourself or you can pay someone obviously the better the writer the better results you’re gonna get so here’s the the general format is up top you have your headline and sub headline so this is basically the benefits of what the customer gets on this page you’re gonna have a video sales page here this is could be any ranging from anywhere from 2 minutes to 20 minutes usually the sweet spot from there you have your order button and again if you followed my deadbeat super affiliate earning this is very similar to my affiliate site formats as well from there you’re gonna have your actual sales copy this can go on for pages you’re also gonna have your product image so this is a visual reference representation of the product that they get alright from there guys what you do is you then connect it to click back so you’ll see here if I click on the piano for all website just click order today they I think I’m not mistaken they have an order bump here so I’m realistic Lee this is probably hurting their conversions I’m going to bet but let’s just keep going here it’s click Add to Cart and this is the actual Clickbank checkout page so they’re gonna handle all the processing for you they literally once the customer orders here they send you a check in the mail about two months later with all the money that you’ve earned so I think I believe it’s not me saying it’s two months so two months goes by you get paid out for the sales you get the wait about 60 days but they handle all of that for you literally don’t have to do anything alright so from there they hit the customer or the potential customer clicks Add to Cart they buy they go to the checkout page let’s say CEO again this is handled by Clickbank and then what you’re gonna do is you’re gonna configure Clickbank to connect with a membership software so I like to use kajabi just to give you an idea of how that works I’m not gonna go into it you basically just click the type this is the kajabi dashboard you just basically click the type of product that you want to create click generate product you just come up with the name you enter you upload your videos and compile it and you’re ready to go so it’s all point-and-click there’s many different membership software’s out there you don’t have to use kajabi I just used as a recommend a recommendation so from their kajabi will make the membership platform obviously you’re creating the video so you’re gonna have to do that that’s your actual product and then kajabi or whatever handles the delivery so that’s the actual components that you need to have in place to have a functional product to show people you’re what you have offer to collect the money and then to deliver it alright now we have to launch the product once it’s done you want to focus on launching the product so what that means is this is what I’ve always done in the past simultaneously as I’m building that sales page and putting everything together this can take about a month or two what I’m doing on the other the other half the time is I’m going to various places that people hang out so what you can do is just go to google type in something like piano forum or you’ve got a Facebook look for some Facebook groups about piano here’s one form not piano worldcom Wow oh my god though this a lot of people play piano no wonder it’s so so well so what I would do is I would start interacting on these forms and start building an audience and start getting my name known on these forums so what you’re doing here is you’re basically getting known in this community and this is gonna help you build an audience and also when it comes time to promote your product when you launch it this is a good way to start getting people our balls in front of your people so what what I like to do usually is what I’m on a forum for example I will create like a signature so on the signatures basically after you post some of the forms will allow you to put a link to whatever you want so the form will link to what I call is just a freebie giveaway I’ve talked about this in the past this is just a quick little three to five page ebook or maybe a video or something where you can entice people to give you their email address and to opt-in to your other social media platforms alright so you’re gonna hit the forums up Facebook groups you could go to like you know sites like Pinterest or anything like that get people to opt-in and start building that audience alright so from here as you’re building your sales page you’re building up your audience at the same time now when it comes time to launch the product what you want to do is what I call a four day pre-launch sequence alright so this is basically day one and to make this as simple as poor as possible day one is just a video that pre sells your custom your prospect of customer on the product that you’re about to release you’re gonna give good content maybe some tips some toriel’s like to go along with it at the end of day one thing you say are guys day – I was another video coming out its gonna talk about this stay tuned for that alright so this is a day two video this is what you’re gonna do is you’re gonna email every time you release one of these videos you email this list that you’ve built up before alright so day two is again more pre-cell of the product that you’re about to launch you start dropping the launch date you say guys I’m releasing this in three days get ready for it here are the benefits that you’re gonna get and you know just keep an eye out for it so you’re doing another video there alright day three you’re gonna do get another video again each one of these times you’re delivering some kind of content some some sort of value and again you’re pre-selling the launch of the product alright so that’s day three and day four this is that you’re gonna do this this is the night before the launch you’re gonna deliver like your biggest hardest hitting piece of content here and this is really going that hard sell the product that you’re going to launch the next day so you say are guys so yeah I just taught you like some of this pipe blown your mind today tomorrow at I like to go launch it anywhere between 9:00 a.m. and 12:00 a.m. this is get you the best results not in the 12 an you say all right guys tomorrow I am opening up the page for the product that I’ve been working on for the past two months um will basically show you exactly how I did X in X amount of days or whatever so they’re really hard to sell that product on the first pre sell day all right so that’s what you do up and coming towards the launch day and from here what you’re going to do is after you launch so you’re on launch day you’re now accepting…

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