How to Get Rich Like Warren Buffett (10 Traits of Billionaires)

Get Rich like John D Rockefeller and Warren Buffett – the top 10 traits the world’s richest men had in common. After the video, click this link:
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All right so here are the top 10 traits that the world’s richest men have in common today we’re examining Warren Buffett I love me some Warren Buffett man I love this guy and john d rockefeller alright guys so I like to study great people I like to read biographies this gives you a great ability to kind of extend your mental reach today what we’re talking about or how these guys got rich in the traits that got them there alright so trait number one both of these guys were frugal to a fault all right john d rockefeller here’s a story about him whenever he after he became rich whenever he received a package he would actually save the paper and the strings that was used to wrap that package alright Warren Buffett was said to have spent 10 15 minutes trying to find change for a quarter in an airport one day alright so you gotta think why that is these guys already have billions of dollars or the equivalent of it back in the day why why would they spend spend any effort in doing this when they have all the money in the world well the reason why it’s from that trait of being frugal you have to continue to exercise that trait and that skill even after you become rich so that you can keep your money that’s how you get there and that’s how you stay there trick number two and this is the exact opposite of being frugal personally in business when they saw a good opportunity they start off cautious they learn about the opportunity and then they throw as much money as they can when they think it’s a good bet and it’s weird because it’s such a paradoxical trait to how they are in person trade number three both of them had business partners we’re Buffett’s business partners Charlie Munger john d rockefeller had several several partners throughout his career and that’s something that and that’s personally something that want to work more on in the future just allows you to shore up your weaknesses or make your strengths even greater alright trait number four both of them were really good at accounting accounting is the language of business this is how you make sure that you’re making profit where you stand in all of your operations and it allows you to see if anyone’s screwing around with your money so this is a skill that I have a decent amount of knowledge in I’m gonna spend more effort getting better at accounting simply because after reading both of their biographies this is one of their core skills is characteristic number five both of them were nuts about interest rates they had a deep understanding of what type of investments with what type of interest rates were they stood with their current investments and the opportunity cost between one investment and another so this is something where they were very knowledgeable about this is something you can learn by learning about economics skill and the specific business you know where you can deploy your money the best way I think it’s very important skill to understand interest rates return on investment all this stuff comes with experience and reading investment style materials all right trick number six this is something I thought was really interesting about these guys essentially they spent their entire life trying to stockpile money and at the end they’re giving it all away so john d rockefeller he’s already dead so he did that Warren Buffett as pledged to give away 99% of their wealth really interesting if you think about it it kind of had like a duel a duel almost like a split personality so to speak trick number seven this is something I really appreciate they are anti hustling style people if you look online like Grant Cardone and Gary Vee they’re like hustle hustle hustle you gotta hustle these guys were actually they never exerted themselves but they were able to stack the create their life in such a way where it’s kind of like a marathon on a day-by-day basis they’re able to move forward and use that positive momentum that they build over a lifetime rather than trying to grunt it out fight it out every day to kind of break through they did that they’ve they’ve achieved this over a lifetime long something to think about they’re more about working smart but also putting in the due diligence up front day by dates and maintain that positive growth all right and trait number eight I thought this was interesting neither of these guys consider themselves to be geniuses or even smart john d rockefeller said his biggest trait was not his intelligence he actually failed all of his actual formal former schooling he said his best trait was the fact that he was reliable all right so it’s not about intelligence although obviously these guys are both very smart really the mostly keep the key factor here is the fact that they’re reliable and mentally stable trait number nine this is one of the things I admire boat most about both of these guys they are able to excel in an environment of fear all right so when the markets are tanking everyone’s freaking out everyone’s thinking short term these guys have the mental calm calmness the self confidence and the know how to just swoop right in like a vulture and scoop up assets on the cheap where everyone is freaking the freak out so this is one of those things I really admire about these guys this is a skill this is something they’ve honed in overtime to develop this calm mental attitude it’s not like they’re just like oh yeah I’m gonna be calm dabei this is something they’ve built over an entire lifetime I admired this so much about these guys and something that work on on a daily basis last but not least I think this is actually the most important trait number 10 they had very very good habits and neither of them drank they avoided the nightlife they avoid big social gatherings they’re kind of introverted they focus all of their energy on developing themselves making smart moves and if you look at all their success it all had to do with their various habits all right debute so those are the top 10 traits have really found some value now if you want to start making money one of the best avenues right now I think is online business so I do have a free guide available that’s at deadbeat University dot-com slash guide and this will walk you through step by step how to create an online business from scratch so then in the future sometime here sometime in the future you may just be the next person richest man in the world and sitting right next Center to john d rockefeller and warren buffett all right guys so that’s it my name is Dan Brock the deadbeat super affiliate I hope you enjoyed this video if you did make sure you subscribe hit that Bell notification button so you’re notified of all the online business tutorials that I release when I release them also share this video with your friends so there’s a button somewhere here here here and comment below I’m happy to help my name is Dan Brock the deadbeat super affiliate man decide for me to go take a nap I’ll see you deadbeats later!

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