How to Get Affiliate Sales Using Google Ads – Part 1

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In today’s brand new series, you’re going to learn about Google ads and how to use them to get affiliate sales. Getting affiliate sales with Google ads has always been a challenge for people so, in this 2 step training series, I’m going to cover this subject in detail and teach you to generate affiliate sales using Google Ads in no time.

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Tips to Help You Make Your First Sale

Two Ways to Make Your First Sale – Since 2006 I’ve tried every which way to make sales. Whilst some methods worked great, many failed. In a nutshell there have only been two CORE methods I’ve used to make sales consistently, month after month, year after year. Here they are:

How to Spot an Affiliate Marketing Problem

Before you decide to endorse a service or a product, the first and foremost thing to do is to evaluate their online presence. Companies that are functioning legitimately will definitely have a website that is built professionally.

The Fundamentals of Affiliate Marketing

One of the most effective ways of marketing on the internet is affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing was first introduced by back at the end of 1994, but it was effectively mastered and applied by Amazon a couple of years after.

Keeping Affiliate Marketing Exciting

One of the most effective ways to live these days is through a home based business. Let’s face it, working from home and being able to do your own thing is something that we all dream about – it certainly beats working 40+ hours every week for a company that treat you with disdain! The problem is that for many people who try and get involved in the world is that they don’t really know how to stay invigorated by it.

Affiliate Marketing 101: What Are the Benefits of Blogging?

Some of you may wonder, “What are the benefits of blogging and how can it help me as an affiliate marketer?” I will tell you…

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