How to Customize IM Checklist with Microsoft Word πŸ‘Š Customize IM Checklists With Own Branding

How to Edit an IM Checklist with Microsoft Word to make these IM Checklists look like yours. Include your own logo, your own tagline, and your own website link.

You can read these instructions on my blog as well:

If you are an affiliate marketer, you rely on content to help nurture and grow your audience.

Content helps establish you as an authority and builds trust with the people that follow you.

But creating great content on a consistent basis is hard. So, checklists can be an easy way to help create great content.

That’s where IM checklist comes in.

IM Checklist is a dedicated monthly service providing you with hundreds of Internet Marketing related checklists to use. And you can customize the checklists with your own branding. Your own logo, your own tagline and your own website link.

This training shows you how to customize the IM Checklist to look like you created it. This will help build your brand and elevate you as an authority figure in the IMO niche.

If you are looking to learn more about how to be a successful affiliate marketer:, click here for free training instant access:

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