How to Create an eBook Cover for Affiliate Marketing 📘 with BeeCovers Design Templates 🐝

How to create an ebook cover for affiliate marketing with BeeCovers Design Templates. 📕BEECovers tutorial. 👍 GET BEECovers HERE:

Although BeeCovers is targeted for book authors and self-publishers, the templates can be easily used to support your affiliate marketing needs. e.g. eBook covers, entire ebooks, animated sales videos, website banners, and more.

Watch this video to learn:

– how to create an ebook cover for affiliate marketing with a BeeCovers template
– how I created a professional-looking ebook cover design in minutes
– how I turned the design into a 3D book cover design for free
– how I saved $$$ by not hiring a design on Fiver

Click the link below to buy BeeCovers templates for yourself:

The tool I used to create a professional 3D book cover for free:

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