Email Marketing Demystified (Secrets Revealed)

I reveal the secrets to sending emails that make money. If you are serious about making money online, email marketing is a tool that should be in your arsenal. Here is what has made me a lot of cash. All clips in this video are sourced and licensed from VideoBlocks
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Here’s how to make a whole bunch of money with email marketing we’re getting rich today all right damn Barack the deadbeats super affiliate from deadbeat com and if you want to earn online income while you snooze make sure you hit that subscribe button and tick that Bell icon right now alright lame hillbilly theatrics aside I make a whole bunch of money with email marketing here are some things that have helped me a lot tip number one is to start to implement using the subscribers name in the email subject line so most modern email service providers will allow you to ask for the subscriber name and by putting this in the subject line it does three things number one it makes the email more likely to be opened more opens a que more eyeballs on your email aka more money that you make in the the chain of events there alright number two it makes your emails much more personable alright email is a very personal one-on-one type of communication it’s not like Facebook where you’re talking to many people alright you’re personally talking to enjoyed individual subscribers so by mentioning their name it makes that email feel a lot more personable that is important for keeping the lifespan of your email list over the long term and tip number three this is most important but getting more opens getting more personable you get more clicks aka send more people to if the affiliate offer was results with more cash in hand for you the greenback’s we like those greenbacks don’t we now with that said you want to split test this alright different niches respond differently to this but overall using the name works much more better so what you’re gonna want to do is create two split tests split test a split test B split test a test the opt-in page for with name and email fields and split test B only asks for the email alright for some reason I wrote name that’s a total mess up I was probably like half asleep for that that should be email alright so to go through the chain here and know people are probably like no technical stuff oh and try my best explain this all right split test day right you have the name and email what you’re gonna do is after they opt-in you send them to email list a-all right so this will be a mail set up to use the subscribers name versus oh man we’re getting intense split test B which will opt in and add to email list B all right so these are two separate email lists and by doing this you will be able to test the open rates and the click rates by using name and email here versus email only alright hopefully I didn’t confuse you if I did just comment below I will try to clarify this much better all right tip number three this has made a massive improvement for me and that is to simply add a clickable button to every email that you send alright so this could be more likely to get clicks more clicks on the link means more people to the affiliate offer means more money for you sounds good right alright so hopefully you found some value up to this point if you did subscribe and also here’s a quick shout out to yesterday’s top commenter on the previous video Congrats to you that’s pretty cool okay so tip number four continues along the idea of being personable in your emails all right so I’ll learn this tip from Joseph Sugarman and basically what you’re going to want to do just to walk you through here you’re gonna say hey name so hey Bob here’s what I’m doing right now as I’m writing this video this email so say hey Bob right now I’m writing this to you on a first-class flight to Aruba the view out the small plane window is absolutely…

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