Drop-Downloading – Simple Way To Make Money With Social Media, TRY IT

This video is about Simple Way To Make Money With Social Media, TRY IT
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In this video i break down a new strategy that i’ve been testing for the last 3-4 months and it’s working to make money online.
This is something you ban build as a primary business if you so chose or you can use as a side business like i do. You can also automate by hiring a 1 person team to manage it for you if you not gonna have the time to do it yourself.

1:41 Go to Etsy and purchase some download
3:18 upload them in your shopify store
4:30 example of SVG you can use
6:30 Pages you can use on IG to drive traffic
8:47 Description on Shopify site
10:10 Uploading to your store
11:32 how to put it for customer to download svg
13:04 how to compress the file and upload

Forgive my kids in the background …

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Advertisers and Affiliate Programs

Here’s a simple breakdown of how affiliate marketing programs work. With details on what they can do for your website or blog.

Pointers FAST On Money Making: The ClickBank Quest

The search for ways and means to find money and increase our income never ends. This is probably one of those million thoughts you have daily especially during times of crisis. The concept of ClickBank may come to you as you think about ways to improve your monthly revenue. The latter will help you earn profit via selling digital products from the site’s marketplace. If you are interested to venture in this business, you must first be able to know and understand its process. There are so many products you can sell at ClickBank, the choice is all yours. More so, you can be a direct vendor or an affiliate. When you are a direct vendor, you sell or put on the marketplace your own digital product. On the other hand, being an affiliate means selling someone else’s product and you earn on a profit basis – quite interesting, right?

“The Rumors Of My Death Have Been Greatly Exaggerated” – ClickBank Rumors Uncovered

Yes, as Oscar Wilde once said “The Rumors Of my Death Have Been greatly Exaggerated,” so too are some of the rumors one may hear about ClickBank. Some reviews and blogs have found ways to pour in negative information about ClickBank some even going so far as to call it a scam. What is the ClickBank scam? And is it true? There have been many reviewers that have been very critical of ClickBank,even saying that the site is not the number one affiliate program on the net and that nobody has ever gotten rich with being an affiliate. Rumors regarding this matter have sprouted since the start of the year. ClickBank users have strongly disagreed to this news and have created so many testimonials that showed and proved that there is money in ClickBank.

The ClickBank Marketplace Hits It Big This Season

The ClickBank marketplace earns one of the highest number of visits and buyers for every season and special event day’s. The site lands a spot on the most trafficked online stores in the world because of its over 10,000 affiliates and products. The ClickBank marketplace is a systematized manual of over 10,000 digital products to be sold. The items are in categories and features so it will be easier and convenient for the users and buyers. More so, the products are also listed by popularity. There are some things you have to understand about the ClickBank Marketplace before you can go deeper into it.

Finding The Right ClickBank Product For You

How do you find the right ClickBank product for you? Choosing a product to sell is very important. ClickBank is home to over 10,000 digital products. Looking at all of the products, you may get overwhelmed, confused or might choose a product not fitting to you and your interest. ClickBank products come in categories and features. They are also categorized by popularity. Do not be overwhelmed by the most popular product, if the number one sold product is not your line of interest then do not pick it as your choice. Knowing what you are selling is very crucial for your sales.

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