Trump’s SHOCKING Deal: $100K FREE for Your Online Business

Donald trump giving away the farm for free? How to use his grant bribe of up to $100K in free money to invest into your online business. Smash that like button, good things happen. New Clickbank program drops this week!

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Three money get your free money talking about free money okay folks so Donald Trump shocks the market today by issuing free money we’re talking grants loans and some of that may be yours should you use that on crack and hookers or should you instead invest that in your online business and that is what we’re talking about here today hi my name is Dan Brock the deadbeat a super affiliate and I’m a good super affiliate I’m very good at getting commissions believe me in fact I do very big numbers you know spectacular numbers and I have to tell you it’s an unbelievably complex subject and you wouldn’t even believe the amount of people that smash that like button on my YouTube videos okay so Trump is pulling open the purse strings with the recently enacted Kerr’s Act that stands for the coronavirus aid relief and Economic Security Act and yes I had to look that up on my teleprompter so this is an attempt to stave off the current economic and health crisis will at work who knows but what it will do is get you lots and lots of money okay so you’re probably aware that you have 1200 dollars in stimulus checks lined up most people are going to receive this if you make under $100,000 a year you got yourself a new $1,200 race but here is the good stuff were just getting started okay so the Small Business Administration just issued a $10,000 grant up to ten a million dollars in forgivable loans okay so according to net law review this law allows small businesses with 500 employees or less even sole proprietors contractors and self-employed individuals to apply for a forgivable loan of 2.5 times your monthly average payroll okay so if you’re self-employed and you’re paying yourself let’s just say five thousand bucks a month that means that you can get a loan for $12,500 okay there is interest on this loan it’s roughly 4% but here is like overlining the catch that is if you use the loan on specified approved expenses things like paying for your mortgage lease rent of your office building to pay for staff to continue to employ your staff instead of firing them you will be able to get this loan totally forgiven after a certain period of time so what that means is that principle let’s say it’s twelve thousand five hundred bucks that will all be poofed away you won’t owe a single penny of sides for any interest that you accrue along the way I think it’s four percent interests and if I’m not mistaken that is free money haha so if you want to apply for that just go to slash disaster there will be a link somewhere on there in fact I’ll put it in the description below to help you get you to the right page just keep in mind it is first kerfs first-come first-serve so apply now if you haven’t already personally I’m not going to apply for it because I don’t really believe I’m gonna be hit by the coronavirus problem too much I’m in a good place with my business I have plenty of cash sitting around someone will make better do with that loan than I will I ain’t no saint though it’s really I’m just too lazy to go and apply for it next up on deck is the $100,000 IRA loan whoo we’re talking the Benjamins okay so according to a market watch you are now with this law able to withdrawal up to $100,000 from your IRA and you don’t have to pay early withdrawal penalties from it as long as you repay that fund within three years okay so you can use this on any expense you can go the crack in the hookers route I know some of you will do that or you can do smart things like spending on food health business jet skis throw in a jet ski in there if you want if jet skis with it what the hell you can buy rental properties you can invest in a business whatever it is that you can set your heart’s desire on but there are a few conditions okay so you either need to have the coronavirus you need to have a spouse that either haves it or you have to be experience some kind of adverse financial situations because so if you were laid off if you were quarantined or if you’re missing work hours because of it you will be able to use this to your advantage so now the million-dollar question what do you do with it what do you do when you get a hundred thousand dollars let’s just say a thousand bucks now you can use to do with whatever you please do do the crack I can’t answer that for you your situation is different than mine if you need food…

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