Clickbank: $14,675.47 In a Day Playbook Breakdown How To Guide

How I Hit Over $14K In a Single Day On Clickbank. Online Business Breakdown.  Stay Home Commissions goes from $697 to $997 May 27th:  

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Fourteen thousand dollars in a single day on Clickbank and that money smells good how these are so corny so welcome to the live stream my name’s Stan Rockne deadbeat super affiliates and it’s good to see you here excuse me yes in the chat box if you can see and hear me because the day we’re getting to the money-making good stuff and that is how I made fourteen thousand six hundred and seventy five dollars and forty seven cents let’s not forget about the cents because it’s all about the pennies and one day on it clickbank so this message is brought to you by stay home Commission’s this is my program the investment mount amount goes up from six ninety seven to nine ninety seven tomorrow at midnight so make sure you claim your copy here today okay so the way I made this work was I launched a product now if I had to do this over again I would not go this route so we’re talking about how it works and what I would do differently nowadays so we’re gonna flip over to powerpoints and get to it so here’s my little these high production value PowerPoint presentations technical difficulties one moment please alright let me know if you can see them see little lines come up on the screen okay okay good alright so here’s how here’s the essential central process so first things first was step one is to start building up an audience so an audience would be I’ll just put a eud just to remind you audience so this the way I did it this time was forums so Forbes was a great way to go about it so what I would do is I’d build up a reputation on these forums and this was back this is this is a good while ago so forums are kind of like the place to be so what I would do is I’d build up really good goodwill on the forum by posting good content the general rules of thumb is the more the better content you post the more people pay attention and the more kind of clout that your name bring brings to the table so I’d post content that was rail it related to the forum itself so what I did was I create a small freebie and from there and what I would do is drive people from the forums to this page here so it was a small opt-in page people do their email there and there’s a sign-up button so it’s on all the traffic from here so I’m will taneous they also had a blog so I create a blog here I would also again send the traffic back to this opt-in page let’s just put opt in for sake of clarity here okay so step number one is that now here’s the here’s the problem this met this this way of going about it it’s called doing a product launch so you make your own product and you launch it out to the Internet and if I had to go about it again what I would have done differently is stay solely affiliate and just keep building up my audience so keep building up my audience keep promoting affiliate offers and for two reasons and I’ll talk about those more specifically in just a second but the two reasons are mainly that when you have your own product it makes things a lot more complex and then when you start doing the product launch scene you have to start with there’s so many variables that are not in your control like dealing with other people so that is the problem the main problem with this model but you can make some nice cash windfalls like as you see here literally making pulling in fourteen thousand twelve thousand ten thousand dollar days there everything that month was a good solid six-figure month this was like one of my first big breakthroughs so going back to the board here without step one number one so step number two now is to what I really would done with an affiliate offer so just affiliate offer but what I did instead was create my own product so created my own product I’ll just type it out to make this even more annoying product okay so the product was at that point it was just a simple like I think it was a good thirty seven dollar product or like a twenty seven dollar product or something like that so that was my first big day my biggest day up to that point with this new business was when I launched that product so I took my existing audience and boom launched the product the product itself was just a small it was like a PDF document it was a PDF the thing with like a couple videos that went along with it so time spent on it probably no more than say a week a week creating the product itself so it’s over for 27 bucks and that was my first kind of big big payday if you will was that oh that one we made like a couple thousand dollars in that day I launched it so that was like the start of it so from there you kind of have to work your way up so what I did was like I rinsed and repeated this so I did that you know did step one and step two over and over again to kind of snowball that so I did more audience more selling of the product more audience more selling of the product now reach this point here where I had a pretty decent listen a pretty decent clout so then from here what you want to do in order to level up is you now go like higher quality product higher level sales letter so what I did was I hired a thirty thousand dollar writer with my profits so it was a thirty thousand dollar right it writer it was worth it to me at the time and I created another product so what I did was I had a the thirty seven dollar product and then I had some upsells so upsells at this point I think it was like ninety seven dollars and then like one ninety seven or somewhere around around the line so these upsells are software…

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