Affiliate Summit West 2020 – Keynote Tim Burd

Hacking the Facebook Algorithm

This keynote will deconstruct the Facebook algorithm in an easy to understand way. It will cover your bidding, creative type, CTR, ad placement, quality scores, engagement levels, and much more. Showing piece by piece how it works and how to take advantage of it using specific actionable items that work for anything you promote on Facebook or Instagram. From budget, to bid strategy, ad types, and more with plenty of real world examples and stats. This speech is beneficial for anyone in any industry running Facebook or Instagram ads.

Tim Burd, Co-Founder, AdLeaks

How to Find Good Affiliate Marketing Companies

Searching for worthwhile affiliate marketing companies? Read on for some useful tips and guidelines.

Affiliate Marketing – 8 Answers to Your Most Important Concerns

When it comes to knowing which products to push and how to go about gaining traffic, some people will act before they research and end up in a bad situation. When most people first learn about affiliate marketing, they usually end up with more questions than answers.

Blogging – A Powerful Tool For New Affiliate Marketers

This article discuss another avenue new affiliate marketers should consider. Additionally it provides a look at creating blogging farms as a way to generate targeted traffic.

What Does Affiliate Marketing Success Depend Upon?

What do you really need to have affiliate marketing success other than all the promises of instant riches? Great success is indeed achievable but not without the right mindset. Affiliate marketing is the same as any business where there is no such thing as something for nothing but it can be tremendous fun and lucrative to boot if you do the right things first.

Affiliate Marketing: How to Successfully Sell a Digital Product

Selling digital products successfully is the dream of many online entrepreneurs involved in affiliate marketing. In this article I’m going to share with you what I’ve learnt over the years from my own errors, trials and successes to pull in the sales.

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