Affiliate Summit West 2020 – Keynote Panel: Partner vs Affiliate – Is it One or the Other?

Partner vs Affiliate – Is it One or the Other?

The debate over the meaning and descriptions of affiliate marketing versus partner marketing has elevated over the past few years. Instead of helping the industry evolve and grow, it’s creating unnecessary confusion, segregation and contention.

As with most things, the truth lies somewhere in between. Affiliate marketing is not dead, far from it. Yet, increasingly, many aspects of the model are falling into what many have long considered to be the partner marketing realm.

This panel focuses on identifying the differences of affiliate versus partner marketing and highlighting the strategies that many believe will help the industry’s evolution over the next few years.

Robert Glazer, Founder and CEO – Acceleration Partners
Mark Walters, Group CEO – Awin
Julie Van Ullen, Managing Director, US – Rakuten Marketing
Stephanie Harris, Owner and CEO – PartnerCentric
David A Yovanno, Chief Executive Officer, Director – Impact
Brian Marcus, Vice President of Global Marketing – TUNE

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