Affiliate Summit West 2020 – Keynote Amber & Alona

The 4 Simple But Hidden Keys All Top Affiliate Programs Laser Focus On

In the last 3 years, Amber and Alona’s affiliate agency has generated $63 million in front end sales. They have helped their coaching and consulting clients close an additional $300 million in affiliate revenue, and work with companies like Agora, Clickbank, Dr. Mark Hyman, Chilipad, and many others. Join them for a talk that will show you exactly what you need to scale your affiliate revenue, watch live asset critiques, and a live Q & A.

Amber Spears, Co-Founder, East 5th Avenue

Alona Rudnitsky, Co-Founder, East 5th Avenue

Niche Marketing Strategies For Long Term Profits

When you are getting started in affiliate marketing there are two methods that you will want to use to promote your products. They are paid advertising and niche marketing. The first method is to buy advertising on the search engines, on social media sites, with pop up ads or on other websites, with a direct link to the offer.

Affiliate Marketing – How to Create Great Content

Creating content for affiliate marketing shouldn’t be a confusing task for you. A lot of times, affiliate partners are not intimately familiar with the internal strategies of the original business.

Follow Up Email Automation

There are a lot of changes that have been brought about by the advancement in technology and the new inventions that are discovered every day. There is a need to keep up with technology if you are looking to maintain an edge over your competition. Of particular interest is the discovery of the internet which has had a major impact on different types of businesses.

Great Affiliate Marketing Tips To Boost Your Commissions

If you want to boost your affiliate marketing commissions then this article will help. Learn some great tips to improve your profits.

Affiliate Marketing Tips: Grow Your Affiliate Commissions By Diversifying Your Efforts The RIGHT Way

Are you happy with your affiliate marketing income? If you’d like to make more, read on to find out how to optimize your affiliate efforts and get better results.

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