Affiliate Marketing For Beginners 70 – Clickbank : Increasing Conversion Rates with Bonus Offers

Affiliate Marketing For Beginners 70 – Clickbank : Increasing Conversion Rates with Bonus Offers :
In this lesson we’re going to learn a bit about the strategy of Using Bonuses to Increase Your Pay-per-Click Conversions.

A bonus is a free extra — essentially a reward—that a buyer gets in return for making a purchase. Bonuses are a useful tool for two reasons:

They give buyers an additional incentive to buy,
They encourage a buyer to choose you over a competitor.
Bonus offers aren’t exclusive to the Internet by any means. This strategy is as old as the hills — swing by your local department store some day and you’ll see ‘special offers’ and ‘special bonuses’ galore, especially among the makeup counters. Bonus offers are everywhere because they work!


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