Affiliate Marketing For Beginners 59 – Clickbank : What is Google PageRank?

Affiliate Marketing For Beginners 59 – Clickbank : What is Google PageRank? :
One thing that generates a lot of discussion and, dare we say, something approaching superstition amongst Internet marketers is Google’s PageRank – that little item in the Google Toolbar that ranks your website out of ten (if you haven’t got a Google Toolbar you can get it here). You’ll see a lot of advice out there on how to boost your PageRank, a lot of bragging from high-PageRank sites and a lot of effort exerted by low-PageRank sites to try to raise their sites into these hallowed halls.

In this lesson we took a look at what PageRank is and how much it actually affects your SEO. The points we covered include:

PageRank is an algorithm that determines “recommendations” of your site from other sites
More recommendations from unique sites means improved affect on PageRank
A few backlinks from High PR sites are generally better than a lot of links from low PR sites
A link from a page which only makes one or two recommendations is better than from a page that makes hundreds or thousands
A backlink that has been around for a while is more effective
Also, remember PageRank is only one SEO factor, and only one of about 200 factors Google uses to evaluate your web page, so do not get too hung up on trying to boost your PageRank – doing so could mean you’re overinvesting time in a technique which is only part of the whole SEO equation.


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