Affiliate Marketing For Beginners 41 – Clickbank : How to Write a Blog Post

Affiliate Marketing For Beginners 41 – Clickbank : How to Write a Blog Post:

In this lesson we’ve taken a look at the basics of writing and publishing a blog post. Some important tips we recommended include:

Focus some effort on your title
Write posts that are useful to your market audience
Be consistent
Add appropriate tags and categories
We also recommend looking into adding comments on your blog, and using a post queue plugin to help you on those days when you’re suffering writers block.

Your blog title is very important because it describes the post to the search engines, and is also the title that will appear in the SERPs. A good title is snappy and sparks interest, possibly with a controversial statement or question. For SEO purposes, it also helps to have the most important keywords at the front of your title.

Here are a couple of examples of well-written blog titles:

6 Best World of Warcraft Addons
Is Amazon about to kill Paypal?
Notice how each title contains two important keywords that not only catch the eye, but are also likely to be searched for by the target audience. Having a number in the title, like the top option above, often helps to attract readers.


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