6 Business You Can Start With No Money In 2020

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This video is about 6 Business You Can Start With No Money In 2020

Starting a business with no money it’s not easy but it’s very much possible
Just remember if you’re starting a business with no money be prepared to invest other resources such as time and effort for equity.

Here are the 6 business model i mention in this video that you can start this year without money.

Affiliate Marketing
With this business model it’s one of the easiest one you can start but your only problem will be figuring out how to get traffic to the products or services that you become an affiliate of. One place i can recommend you is Amazon they are already very popular but you need to either get a lot of traffic or sell high tickets items in order to see significant gain.

Dropshipping through Facebook
Many people will led you to believe drop shipping is dead, but it’s really not so, it just evolve, you have to find new ways in order to get products to your potential customers and meet them where they at; that’s why Facebook is a powerful platform to do that.

Niche Blogging
When blogging chose a specific niche that way you can narrow the audience… You can either wait for the search engine to pick you up through google SEO or you can go create a tribe in your niche through a facebook fan page or group so you can get them to read content they already enjoy.

Video Content
For the last 10 years, videos has gain so much popularity, matter of fact videos have become the #1 way that people consume content in the world. That still don’t stop some people from being scared to create them, if you fall in that category of being too shy, remember you don’t always have to show your face in order for you to create video contents

Make a Course
If you have any sorts of knowledge create your own course, package it and sell it. You’ll find many people who’s not really with the whole course selling things, but truth is if you go to college you have to buy books and some of the knowledge people are receiving will be useless to them for their entire life, but if you can allow people to get exactly what they need through your expertise or experience its worth for them.

Being a coach is one of the best ways to create massive cashflow because you will be charging people for your time… So make it valuable, make it worth it to you,
If you going to take time to help someone while you could have been doing you, make sure it’s a win win for the both of you….

Anyway i hope you enjoy this content….
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