5 Businesses You Can Start To Make 6 FIGURES in 2020

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In this video today we are discussing 5 Businesses You Can Start To Make 6 FIGURES in 2020

1. Affiliate High Ticket
Your focus wants to be products that will make you $500+ per sale that you make for the product owner, that way you don’t have to focus on volume when it comes to building your business to 6 figures.

2. FBA business
Although you might seen so many ads about starting your amazon business, how it’s suppose to be really easy and a cake walk, but i want to warn you, just like any other business you cannot discount the learning curve to have successful business

3. Coaching business
This is one of the fastest way you can reach 6 figures if you have very valuable skillsets that people are willing to pay top dollars for. you can set up a coaching program either through one on one coaching or group coaching where you can help guide students to the process that you already been through or have knowledge in

4. YouTube In a High CPM Niche
Reason i say in a high CPM niche that’s only if you want to make 6 figures or more because some niches you can go into the cpm might be so low that even if you are getting milions of views on your videos it will not equate to thousands in the bank through adsense

5. A Dropshipping Business
Although a lot of people are fleeing the drop shipping business model, it can still be done in 2020, you just have to imply new strategy to make it work

Let me know which one of these business models you going to be working in?

if you’re have any question drop it in the comment box

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Affiliate Network Perks

Affiliate marketing networks have a number of perks for those who decide to join them. Here are a few of them to consider.

Valuable Affiliate Marketing Techniques Exposed

Starting a business in order to create additional income for you and your family is something that think might not be very simple to do. Many people have dreams of building their own business, and this is usually based on a brick and mortar type of business. The struggle with running and maintaining these types of businesses is the overhead costs that are typically involved.

How The Force Matrix System Works

A forced matrix is a system where you (business owner) put a limit on the number of referred that any affiliate can have. When a given affiliate refers more than the limit, the extra people are placed further down the affiliate tree. The system has two very important features: width and depth.

To Be or Not To Be an Affiliate Marketer

Affiliate marketing programs are very enticing for those who would like to cultivate more income or to start their own home-based business. One of the most attractive advantages is that they do not demand much of a technical background. Another advantage is that there is little requirement for start-up costs to get your business up and running. If you take these two facts on their own, it is clear to see why affiliate marketing has become so appealing.

Affiliate Marketing Techniques That Will Work For You

Affiliate marketing has become the wave of the future, especially in regard to allowing you to start your own business without all of the initial outlay and investment that a brick and mortar business needs. I will go over, in this article, affiliate marketing techniques that work, and will present to you how you should start to implement them so that you can be successful with your new business venture.

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