[CRASH] $10K a Month Affiliate During Bad Economic Times

Some Tips to Help You Succeed In Online Affiliate Marketing in 2020 during bad economic times. Stay Home Commissions tomorrow @9AM EST.
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All right what’s up deadbeats and not just did that live and I cannot take that back so my name is Dan Brock the deadbeat super affiliate from debt beat.com and just let me know how we’re doing with the audio if it sounds clear if you’re here through both ears not just one but two so my name is Dan Brock and just need a quick little update here we’ll start in just a second want to make sure that we’re good on sound just give me a little chat box yes or reebok all right we got this we got the thumbs up okay guys so what we’re gonna talk about see video with no sound okay test one two just give me one second guys I’m gonna have some issues here just gotta find my massive control panel test one two okay it’s good okay okay I apologize for that quick dead space so today we’re talking about what you can do to profit tremendously in bad economic times so I’ve been through these before and there are certain niche markets certain topics that do really well and there are strategies that you can use to really overcome to come out of this larger instead of smaller do you know the feeling we feel like you’re just kind of you’re slowly kind of becoming stagnant and kind of pushed down but this is what you do to expand and become more abundant so how’s everyone doing tonight I hope you are good it’s about 7:00 p.m. and we’re jumping into the live stream right now so I want you guys to take a quick look at things on the old interwebs here these are just some articles that I picked up off the internet and I think I’m gonna help make my point here so this is from bloomberg.com and basically I just saw this about an hour ago the kind of Connecticut Governor says that commuting to the to New York City from Connecticut Connecticut is going to basically be stopped so that means that 30% of all office spaces will probably never be used again because people are gonna be more customed to telework so what that says to me is that more people are gonna be getting used to working online and once you taste that fruit the magic of working for mom working from home it’s very very hard to go back if you’ve ever worked from home have you isn’t it nice to be away from all the nut bags out there to never to constantly get to avoid having like confrontations over the most petty minut details ever well once you taste that fruit it is very very difficult to go back right well this has a lot to do with this training and why I think digital products Clickbank products and other digital networks are gonna really thrive in this time in the current crisis here so number two we got Amazon ramps up higher into over 100,000 people this is about a couple was this like a couple of couple weeks ago what does tell me is the online platforms are really really thriving nowadays here’s another one unemployment will reach 25 percent this is from Goldman Sachs says this so people are losing jobs here’s another one twitter twitter allows people to work from home forever staying with facebook most people will be working her from 2020 okay so again we’re where i’m going out with this is that the the general population is now going to be so used to working from home is something that will never go back so that means that if you start your business online whatever it may be it could just be a shop a five store it could be Dan Amazon affiliate site which I don’t really recommend nowadays but you’re gonna be right in front of that wave no matter what happens from this point on let’s say let’s say next week the whole virus ends but people are still going to have those habits that they’ve built in so let me know if we get a one there in the chat box if you can just hear me out if you agree with that statement right there if you agree with the overall concept of what I’m looking for okay sound is good it looks like a little laggy on the picture I was reading there were some errors with that I apologize it’s a bit laggy something to do with the new OBS version so give me one the chat box if you agree with what I’m saying and I gotta solve some way to get this choppy Internet and okay alright so here’s the deal right now there are topics that are doing really really well which camera got two cameras going on don’t even know which one Matt okay so right now there are two topics that are doing really really well in this day and age and here are just some of them so we have any everything’s from make a website so people are coming online and they they so they want to start their own online business the same with online business that’s the red the red graph here make a website pretty steady here let’s see well sad all training dogs everyone’s getting dogs nowadays so they have to now train the dog you have working from home starting a home farm check that out home farm gardening huge cuz people are freaking out right now they’re like oh what’s gonna happen am I gonna starve to death all what we’re gonna do well this is not this is how these are hobbies that people are picking these hobbies up if they find that they’re going to be interested in these types of things they’re probably gonna continue this you know later down the line now granted some of it might die out but what you’re seeing here is the start of habits being created so some of those other habits include investing gardening some other ones all the time I had a lot of the Clickbank marketplace offers like for example we got the dog training just talked about that let me pull this back a little bit to give you guys some rough ideas of what’s doing really well we have things like a lot of health offers doing well like home remedies doing well diabetes I don’t really like working in that niche is an affiliate it’s …

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